Carlos Pareja, Barcelona & Madrid

In 2006 began studying graphic design

at Elisava school. After finishing his

studies and obtain relevant qualifications

decide to join a course in the art

engroving studio of Nuria Durán


Grateful and excited about the course

decides to direct his studies toward art.

That's why a year later began his career

in fine art at the University of Barcelona


When the career starts he thinks that

everything runs extremely slow and that

learning is not appropriate for this time

of life you prefer to change your routine

and focus all their creativity in photography

thats the reason why in 2010 began studying

a master of commercial photography

and fashion European design school IDEP


He is currently working as a freelance

photographer & retoucher taking pictures

of all that his clients ask him; interiorism

food, products, fashion, clothes, portraits

art oiriginals, architecture, books...

In 2014 begin to study a 3D modeling

applied to photography and graphic design

He has recently been working with photographer

Eugenio Recuenco in his latest photo project

Carlos Pareja has been winner of I-D fashion

photography of the XX century and has exhibited

his major works in the Design Museum of Barcelona